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Massage Therapy Testimonials

I am impressed by the cleanliness of her office. It smells clean. Everything is immaculate. The bathroom is spotless. Susan really understands the human body and has good perceptions, so she doesn't give a rote massage. Each massage is customized to the body's needs at the time. She chats enough so that you feel welcome, but allows you to guide the conversation. She plays the most relaxing music that I have ever heard! I recommend her highly for the person who has physical situations that they wish to have addressed.

Suzanne Prieur - 12/05/2016

Susan has a wonderful establishment. She is very professional, kind and attentive. She was very patient as I explained what ailed me and asked questions to get more information. Her treatment was responsive to my problems and helped out immensely. One sign of a true professional massage therapist is that they will "feel" where your problems are coming from during the first few minutes of the massage. Once they know where to problems originate they will individually tailor the treatment to fix that problem and reduce the chance of pain returning. Susan does this perfectly. She is not a massage factory attempting to churn out as many massages as she can. She takes her time and does it right. I will return to her and will absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs pain relief.

Phil Coyle - March 2014

I have been going to Susan for my massages for several years. She is wonderful. Her touch is perfect for me, not too heavy and not too light. She takes great care in her work.  I highly recommend Susan.

Ellie Gunter - January 2014

I have been experiencing lower back and hip pain for the past three months and decided to contact Susan, based on a personal referral. I was able to reach her easily and she was very accommodating in setting an appointment that worked with my schedule.

Laurie Cohen - April 2013

I have been to Susan every week for the past month or so and am feeling considerable relief. Susan is not only a very experienced LMT but also an RN so offers a very  thorough understanding of the body. In addition, she has been able to offer suggestions regarding posture, stance and activities to lessen my discomfort. Her office is immaculate and very comfortable and inviting. I have never been a real fan of "feel-good massages" but now have a clearer understanding of their value to my overall well-being and will continue with them to keep all in order. In addition to the physical issues that brought me to her, I have experienced tight shoulder and neck muscles for many years - Susan is helping me to get them relaxed, changing their "memory", so to speak, and it has made a real difference to my daily activities.
Susan's pricing is more than competitive - this is NOT a 50 minute by the clock type experience. She stops when she is finished and my appointments have been longer in all cases, depending on my days' needs.

Susan is honest, respectful and extremely knowledgeable of massage therapy.  Her office is clean, comfortable and provides the client with a relaxing professional environment.